Accommodative Intraocular Lenses

Mr Tappin uses the only FDA approved accommodative lens called the CRYSTALENS. The advantages of this style of this lens are that some of the unwanted side effects sometimes associated with multifocal lenses are NOT associated with this technology. Further information about this lens can be found HERE

This is relatively new technology which aims to offer spectacle freedom without unwanted side effects that are sometimes associated with multifocals. The optic has a fixed point like a monofocal, but the haptics allow the lens to move back and forth to change focus. It is however difficult to predict the level of movement that individual patients will attain and some do not acquire enough to offer freedom from spectacles.

Multifocal ' Piggy Back' Lens ( Vitalis)

Toric Lenses

A relatively new surgical advancement, this lens is designed to correct astigmatism as well as cataract.